Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My blood is running cold

No, I haven't fulfilled my long held ambition and become a vampire.

Not surprisingly what's making my blood run cold is this new carbon price committee being set up by JGill (I really enjoyed typing KRudd much, much more... thanks for nothing Julia).

I knew it was too good to be true that this monumental waste of money would have actually been dead and buried. I suspected it was simply hidden from view during the election run up so that the pollies could just stick to pathetic personal insults instead of discussing any actual policies).

Now that we have Dumb, Dumber and Too Stupid for Words (and the other guy) holding the balance of power it's all systems go and we're screwed.

Yesterday I heard Bob Brown explaining why this committee needed to have secret discussions - because us civilians are simply too stupid to understand all this complicated scientific talk and we need those super smart polies making the hard decisions for us - (it's hard to explain how my frozen blood can be boiling at the same time). At that moment I added an extra segment to my fantasy involving a night of passion with Eric the gorgeous Viking vampire from True Blood. Now there's a bit at the end where instead of lighting a post coital cigarette Eric drags a squirming Herr Brown into the room and rips his throat out.

I want to do Bad Things alright.

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