Sunday, April 29, 2007

It needs to be said that I am fully into Big Brother mode. Best of all Friday Night Live is back and it really is the bestest way to relax on a Friday night. I wish they'd let you hire out the set for a party. I would so love to do some of those challenges, maybe not the eating horrible things or putting your hands into tanks of snakes/spiders/assorted creepy crawlies but the ones where you put on silly costumes and have to do obstacle courses. I know I would be so very bad at it but it just seems like so much fun.

I really am a woman of simple needs (and some would say a simple mind).
I've been immersed in life this week. A synposis may be in order:

* Will started Term 2 at school. It was very much needed as his behaviour gradually became worse and worse as the holidays continued, another week and one of us may have ended up with an AVO. He is happy and back to usual self.

* We had a date night on Tuesday night. We had a slightly above average dinner at an Italian cafe at North Ryde. I always worry about any eatery where all the meat groups (chicken, steak, veal) come with the same variety of sauces; I envisage giant vats of green peppercorn sauce being slopped onto trays of pre-cooked chicken breast fillets. We were going to see Sunshine after dinner but there was only a late session available, leaving over an hour to wait after dinner was finished. Being old fogeys we voted to head home and watch a movie on Foxtel Box Office. Armed with some now untrustworthy recommendations and our own love of Will Ferrell we settled in for Talladega Nights. Whoa, baby! What a crock of unwatchable rubbish. Really, if you liked this film you have either had a lobotomy or you need one.

* Wednesday (Anzac Day) we collected the kiddos from the respective grandparents (wouldn't subject any one grandparent to a double dose) and headed into town for yum cha. A public holiday yum cha at East Ocean is one of life's wonderful pleasures, especially when you arrive at the magic 11:00 am time frame... just when the room is filling up but just before the masses start queuing up along the stairs, pathetically and hopefully staring at the yum cha-ers in the hope they'll vacate their tables sooner rather than later. I also love watching my little munchkins enjoy their yum cha goodies, tucking into their prawn gow gees, munching their salt and pepper calamari and waiting expectantly for the only way to end yum cha (if you are 2 and 8 years old)... a big bowl of multi-coloured jelly cubes.

* After yum cha I dropped my family at home and popped up to Hornsby for a spot of unencumbered shopping. A pair of red loafers, a GORGEOUS black coat and a summer top (on sale) later I was feeling very pleased with myself.

* A pleasant day was finished with a visit to my friend A's house (in fact, our old house) who hosted a birthday afternoon tea for our mutual friend J. I love a cheese plate and a gossip with good friends.

* Saturday afternoon Will went to a bowling birthday party, much like the one he will himself host next Saturday. It was really fun (for him and me). They actually run quite smoothly once all the kids are shoed-up and allocated their lanes.

* We were going to go to the Swans' game at the SCG last night but the late finishing birthday party, combined with the on/off rain pushed us into the lazy option of watching at home. What a shame! The rain cleared and the Swans had a ripper of a game, i.e. THEY WON!!! Woo hoo!

* Today we joined some of our adoptive family friends and had a wonderful lunch at a Colombian restaurant. The food was yum - I love the empanadas and the crunchy little pork thingies (so BAD but so GOOD!!). I always feel a bit bad because the kids go mental when they're together, they run around and cause absolute havoc at the restaurant... which is OK when we have the whole place to ourselves (like last time) but not so good when there are other diners trying to eat a reasonably peaceful meal amongst a hoard of screaming, rumbling, tumbling kiddos. I managed to get everyone out of the restaurant and across the road to the little park before things got too out of control. A fun day had by all.

If you're still awake that was a snapshot of my life-lived-on-the-edge. Are you jealous?

Monday, April 23, 2007

A brief Big Brother 07 wrap up to kick things off. Oh THE JOY!

As of this evening I have to say I'm fairly impressed with the little twists and turns BB has introduced. The White Room. Mr X. The Relationship Couple. Nothing mind blowing but with some potential. I'm especially intrigued by where the Mr X thing may go. I live in hope.

In alphabetical order:

Aleisha: Blonde, dumb, potentially cute. No opinion right now.

Andrew: Firefighter, seems nice/cute, relationship with Simone Warne aka Hayley very disappointing.

Bodie: Idiot. Me no like.

Emma: Invisible so far. No opinion.

Hayley: aka Simone Warne (the resemblence is scary). Shitting me from minute one.

Jamie: Love him, love him. Please don't end up being a needy, clingy loser.

Joel: Funny, so far so good. Potential for annoying me above average. Time will tell.

Kate: Flatlining. Ugly make up, ugly clothes, no obvious personality.

Rebecca: Hmmm, she looks amazingly like Heather (Dooce) and is a Mormon (like Heather was). Spooky. Was terrifingly bubbly and enthusiastic on night one (Twister? no thanks). However I'm growing to like her more and more.

Susannah: Newby. Just voted in on night 2. Kinda cute but potential for shitting me quite high.

Thomas: Tall (I like). Cute (but not my style). Real estate agent (Yikes!). No strong opinion yet.

TJ: Hmmm. Don't feel anything right now.

Travis: Thumbs up so far. He seems like a combination of Jamie (BB06) and Paul (from a couple of years back) but with all the shit removed. Very Oz. I'm finding him very likeable so far.

Zoran: Another newby, just came in tonight. Seems nice enough.

Billy: aka Mr X. Something likeable about him. He's Hayley's ex and has been flown in from Canada for the occasion. His job is to stir things up with her and Andrew. Don't know what will happen there but I kind of like him for himself.

There is a definite and overwhelming excess of BLONDES. Really, almost more blondeness than I can sensibly tolerate.

Then there's the whole White Room thing. Interesting but I hate everyone in there except possibly Demet (pronounced Demi?). She is a belly dancer and seems a little interesting (which isn't hard next to the other three cardboard cut outs she is up against).

More pithy BB analysis soon. [Hey it's my blog, I can call it pithy if I like. You can call it pathetic, that's your prerogative.]
Life does get worse though. So much worse...

Swans loosing to Adelaide on Saturday night type of worse. Oh, the pain.

Really I'm a big fan of behinds in AFL. In fact the Swans have a number of fine behinds (step forward Mr O'Keefe...). However, when your team kicks FOURTEEN FUCKING BEHINDS in one game you really need to ask what they've been doing during kicking practice. Seriously guys - you need to get the ball through the big sticks in the middle. It's why you're paid the big bucks.

Next week... yadda... yadda...
I'm a hunter and gatherer underneath this slick, city girl exterior.

Saturday morning I spotted THE MOST GORGEOUS coat I have ever seen for Marianna at Myer Hornsby. She had to have it! I had to have it! Outrageously they did not have it in her size! Horror!

Sunday morning, after dropping Will off at the Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbour for a birthday party (they have certainly moved on somewhat from the fairy bread, chocolate crackle and pass the parcel celebrations of my youth) I decided to brave the city with a toddler in tow in order to check Myer City store for the aforementioned coat.

There is nothing more sweat inducing than lugging 12kgs of whining toddler, who refuses to ride in her stroller or walk, through city streets, to the monorail station and beyond. Apart from the actual monorail ride, where we both sat happily admiring Sydney from the window, the rest was pure hard slog.

Nevertheless, after an eternity looking through every rack in the children's department, buying a couple of other outfits having not found the frigging coat, going to the toilet, returning from the toilet and - drum roll please - seeing the coat IN THE CORRECT FUCKING SIZE laying innocently on top of a pile of older children's clothes in a previously undiscovered area. I don't know what winning Lotto is like but this was so very very close to that feeling. Better still Myer was having one of their many and varied sale days (if you've ever paid full price for anything in Myer you've been had) and the $49.95 coat only cost $31.95.

Life really doesn't get ANY BETTER THAN THIS!!
It's not easy being this gorgeous... but someone has to do it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I can die very very happy. Last night at the Red Hot Chili Peppers' concert they played I could have lied in their encore set. For me this is the Holy Grail of live Chili Peppers' songs. I've never heard it played live at any of the other four concerts I've been to over the past 16 years. This song tears my heart out and live it is pure magic - a real moment in time.

Apart from that gift from the universe the concert was the best of theirs I've ever seen. Musically they were truly on fire. They really seem at their personal, creative and musical peak. There is something special happening there and it was beautiful to witness. However, it was the audience which really made it a night to remember. There was a vibe, a feeling, a something last night which was awesome. Everyone was on their feet and into it from the first milisecond to the last.

The Blood Sugar Sex Magik concert in 1991 was memorable for being so pathetic (audience wise). The crowd virtually sat with their arms folded for the entire show, excpet for a brief moment when Under The Bridge was performed and everyone sang along, then sat down again. Weird.

The By The Way concert at Aussie Stadium was memorable for all the wrong reasons. We sat in the most horrible position, in the first little seating elevation. You couldn't see a bloody thing. The girls in front of us stood up, so we stood up and the people behind us were shouting for us to sit down. So the whole concert was spent bickering with people about sitting/standing. Fuck! I actually have no memory of the concert itself.

A very memorable part of last night was the support band. As we were going through the tunnel to our seats I whispered to my sister "I think there's a naked dwarf on stage". I was close. It was HarMar Superstar. Now I do admit to being somewhat put off by this [only] underwear wearing, pouchy little man skipping around the stage like a man possessed. But the music is really bloody good. I'm a bit hooked. Check him out.

Anyway, great night. Still floating. Some pics:

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Swans vs Brisbane Lions game this afternoon was underwhelming for three-quarters and then very very exciting in the last. It was a hot afternoon and rather uncomfortable on our side of the SCG. The boys on the field must have been very hot and sticky.... ooohhh, shouldn't be thinking like that. Sorry... where was I...? Oh, yeah. We won. Yippee!

Before the game we visited the newly unveiled walkway outside the new Swans' headquarters. I had bought Big Jay a tile for last year's birthday and here it is:

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My gorgeous bubble babies.

In sporting news: The Swans beat Richmond in last Saturday's game. So they bloody well should. Sheesh! I fear Brisbane will be a little bit tougher on Sunday but I have faith.

Also, I picked 7 out of 8 in the Rugby League Tipping Comp I'm part of. Pretty good considering I know bugger all about the game and care even less.
The first episode of Big Brother is less than TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!

I don't know if I can cope with the building excitement levels.

Sadly it will be all down hill after that initial thrill. Isn't life just like that!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The weekend was great. As predicted it rained almost constantly so the pool and the beach were no go areas. It was a pity because we had a gorgeous view of the beach, so tempting and so uninviting at the same time.

The kids really had a ball. It is truly wonderful to see their friendships develop over the years. One of my favourite things in life is watching them play, seriously interact over some game or tear round the house like mad things, screaming and falling over for no particular reason. They are joy personified.

They are also stress personified. On Sunday night little K, aged 6, decided to go for a nocturnal adventure all on her own. The adults had been chatting in the lounge room and the kids had been watching a DVD in one of the bedrooms when it became evident she was missing. The panic levels rose gradually as we realised she was really gone, not just hiding somewhere in the house. Luckily it ended well when her dad found her a few houses down along the dark street. She was unaware of the panic her little stroll had caused but it took a little while before our collective blood pressure returned to normal.

Regarding the house: I could provide a list of complaints which would take up a toilet paper roll. Luckily for you I won't. Suffice to say if I owned a holiday home which I rented out to people for sizeable amounts of cash I would go to the trouble of going to Target or Ikea and buying a couple of matching dinner sets, cutlery sets, drinkware sets and even sheet sets just for the sake of my own sense of pride. But I probably wouldn't rent out a house where the kitchen cupboards were made of masonite painted yellow. I'm particular that way.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

We're off to Forresters Beach on the Central Coast for the Easter long weekend. We're going with two other families (hi Gingells and Goshorns!) - so there will be 12 of us all together. Hopefully fun, possibly mad.

The house has a pool and is 50 metres away from the beach but of course the weather is not promising to be too good. I'm sure the children will swim in any conditions short of the water freezing over.
I'm looking forward to hanging out with our dear friends, overeating, drinking a few cocktails (made in my virgin pink retro blender) and Mums' Morning Off on Saturday.

Maddox is THE BEST!!

This is new.

This is just the old great stuff.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sarah (and the incessant advertising) has reminded me that Big Brother 07 is just around the corner. Oh, bliss!

Bring it ON!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Exactly two weeks to go until the Chili Peppers concert.

I'm starting to get bloody excited!

Hump de Bump is my mobile ringtone and it makes me very very happy.
I've been listening to Nick Cave in the car. Jesus, that man knows how to rip my heart out. How can he write lyrics which are so perfect? So full of dark emotion, of the sort of romantic fantasy which both attracts me and repels me.

Into My Arms was my walking down the aisle song and I would chose it again in a heartbeat. It is so my song.

Please indulge me:

I don't believe in an interventionist God
But I know darling that you do
But if I did
I would kneel down and ask Him
Not to intervene when it came to you
Not to touch a hair on your head
But to leave you as you are
And if He felt He had to direct you
Then direct you into my arms

Into my arms
oh Lord
Into my arms
oh Lord
Into my arms
oh Lord
Into my arms

I don't believe in the existance of angels
But looking at you I wonder if that's true
And if I did I would summon them together
And ask them to watch over you
To each light a candle for you
To make bright and clear your path
And to walk like Christ in grace and love
And guide you into my arms


But I believe in love
And I know that you do too
And I believe in some kind of path
That we can walk down, me and you
So keep your candle burning
Make a journey bright and pure
That you'll keep returning always and evermore

Into my arms
oh Lord
Into my arms
oh Lord
Into my arms
oh Lord
Into my arms
I love the new Lane Cove Tunnel. After the horror which has been Epping Road and the Gore Hill Freeway over the last 5 years this tunnel is heaven on earth.

However, it needs to be asked: who is responsible for fucking up the M2?
I don't want to talk about the Swans' 1 point loss to West Coast. There is still a gaping hole where my heart used to be.

I'm hoping it will heal in time for next Saturday when we'll kick Richmond's bottoms.

I'm a glass is half-full kind of girl.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Went to see Running with Scissors today. I was apprehensive because I love the book and Augusten Burroughs SO MUCH and because reviews have been on the negative side. I was terrified it would be bad and suspected that it might be; it would be difficult making such a strange and complex story into a coherent film.

The critics must be fucked up or not have read the book. I loved the film; it really did the book justice. Every actor put in a beautiful performance. Annette Bening was truly wonderful (it reminded me of The Grifters, one of the all-time great films and how fabulous and sexy she was in that film). I also thought Jill Clayburgh as Agnes was just perfect and Joseph Fiennes (the better looking, less disgusting Fiennes brother) was just right as Bookman. Only Gwyneth was unnecessary (why does a 35 year old need to play a girl of 19 or 20?).

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I wish Augusten Burroughs was my gay boyfriend!