Monday, February 08, 2010

Highlight Reel

We watched Couples Retreat last night. Wish we hadn't.

Nothing much to say about it because it was so horribly dull. The occasional smirk was the best we could manage, and even that felt odd because the whole thing was so unfunny, un-anything really.

For me that's disappointing because I'm a big fan of Jon Favreau/Vince Vaughn, especially as a team. Swingers and Made are two of my all time favourite movies. And if you haven't seen Vince in Clay Pigeons you must do so, right now.

Anyway, Couples Retreat was a very non-memorable movie but it did leave me with a new term which I love: highlight reel. Have you heard it before? Do you know what it refers to?

It's the fantasy movie you play in your head while you're either doing the deed or indulging in a little self love (Ed's Note: put: "euphemisms masturbation" into Google and enter a whole new world of funny). Highlight reel really tickles my fancy, so to speak, because I certainly have some favourites (I'm nothing if not a creature of habit) on regular rotation.

Just thought you'd like to know.


Fiona said...

I too wish I hadn't bothered. I kept waiting for something, ANYTHING to happen. It was just 90 minutes of nothing. I too am a fan of the Vince Vaughan/Jon Favreux collaboration,thanks to yoo. but this was such a letdown. JF's character was a complete jerk. VV was his usual turrets-ish (I just made that word up) self, but otherwise BLAH BLAH BLAH, and ho-bloody hum!

六福村 said...

成功是一把梯子,雙手插在口袋裡是爬不上去的。 ..................................................