Sunday, February 14, 2010

It just keeps getting better

Long time readers know of my hate/hate relationship with the ponytailed wonder aka Neil Perry. He has always rubbed me up the wrong way for intangible reasons. However, in recent years more tangible reasons have surfaced and I take great joy in presenting his failings at each possible opportunity.

Imagine my glee when I read this in the back of The Sunday Telegraph this afternoon:

Twitter of the Week

Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas, who's in town to perform some solo shows, was venting some frustrations on Friday night, tweeting: "My wife and a friend just left a place in Sydney called The Rockpool Bar and Grill [Perry's overpriced, overrated establishment]. WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!! Pouring rain, they were rude and refused to call her a cab. If you live in Sydney, think twice before going."

Nothing we didn't already know Mr Thomas. Yet another piece of evidence in the Neil Perry is a twat file.

[Possibly Rob Thomas' wife doesn't know how to complain properly either Mr Perry. There seems to be a growing group of people who don't seem to get what it is you're trying to do.]


Fiona said...

The arrogance of this man (and seemingly his staff) just never stops , does it?

Julia said...

OMG you didn't tell me! Brilliant!

Neil Perry you are the worst!