Monday, May 05, 2008

I would argue that George is the best character on Seinfeld. I mean there is so much to that man, he has the most nurosis (sp?) and the best lines. Sure Jerry is the "star" but where would it be without George?

Jason Alexander is sort of the x-rated version of his alter-ego George. His short, cute, chubby cheeked persona hides a foul mouthed comedian who had us absolutely pissing our pants on Saturday night. Not only is he very very funny but a great and totally surprising singer. The show stopper of the evening was his medly of Broadway classics. Completely unexpected and completely wonderful.

However, this cake had a number of cherries. There was Mick Malloy (not as funny as you may think), Russell Gilbert (bloody funny), Kitty Flannagan (really bloody funny) and The Umbilical Brothers (absolutely fucking fantastic!).

One of the best nights of comedy we've ever seen.

PS Isn't it funny how funny sex is? I mean sex is funny, no doubt about it, but without it there would be no stand up comedy. Strange but true.


Julia said...

Oh I'm so happy to hear it! Sounds like so much fun. Cute pics above!

Kath Lockett said...

Agree with you re Mick Malloy - he's about as funny as fart at a funeral. I always thought that he rode on The Late Show's coattails and that Tony Martin was by far the superior wit and intellect on their radio show.

Also knew that JA was a big broadway singer/dancer but will always love him as George. Love Chunks and I own the entire Seinfeld series on DVD now and even Carly knows NOT to double dip.

Love the Umbilical brothers too - have seen 'em live a few times now. Bit of trivia for you - they did the voice overs for the Maisy Cartoons.