Friday, May 09, 2008

Teacher sacked for posing nude

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate prudes?

What is wrong with people, with our society? Why is sex considered so deviant? Why do we think children are to be protected from the mere mention of the word until "magically" they are able to cope with the concept upon reaching adulthood (and when is that exactly?)? Are we living in Victorian times and someone forgot to tell me?

I am so fucking sick of everyone - teachers, sports stars, musicians, actors - being rolemodels for "our children". What about parents taking some responsibility for how they want their children brought up and with the morality and "values" (god how I hate that meaningless word!) they want to instil? All people want to do is complain about the behaviour of others and blame it for the deterioration of these mysterious values we seem to hold so close yet are unable to define and/or enforce on our own.

No wonder so many people grow up with strange and often fucked up (excuse the pun) ideas about sex and their own sexuality.

Strange days indeed.

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Kath Lockett said...

Hear hear !!