Monday, May 05, 2008

Speaking of Mick Malloy and Russell Gilbert we spied them in the crowd at the Swans' game on Sunday afternoon. Pics follow (Big Jay trying out the zoom on our new camera).

Before I get into the pain let's talk about the pleasure. Lunch at Bite Me, the new-ish gourmet burger place on Oxford Street. I've been hanging out to eat there and our first home game at the SCG was the perfect opportunity. It was worth the wait. My Wagyu burger topped with a Portabello mushroom was devine, as were the gorgeous chips served hot and crisp in a minature frying basket. Even the chocolate milkshake, served the old-fashioned way, was very good. They even do mini everything and the kids loved their mini burger and mini hot dog.

So, yes, to the pain. The Swans gave it a valiant shot but after a pathetic second quarter there was no joy to be had as the Bulldogs remained undefeated at our expense. I'm not surprised. This is the stage of the season where the Swannies play erratically, lulling the opposition into a false sense of security. Then, when it counts, we manage to get our act together and finish in the eight (though the four would be nice for a change this year, boys).

Anyway, here are a few pictorial memories of a day we could generally forget.

Russell Gilbert (sporting some very fetching headwear) and Mick Malloy.

The girls.

Waiting for Siggy.

A nice shot of Adam Goodes' bum.

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