Thursday, October 29, 2009

Boy with a Barbie

I'm listening to Ben Lee's The Rebirth of Venus quite a bit lately.

I really love Boy with a Barbie. Right now I would say it's my favourite song off the album. [Is album an old fashioned word? What do you young people call these things now?]

Not only does it have a wonderful 80s-ish electronica beat but I love the sentiment.

Speaking of sentiment, I Love Pop Music, is also a gorgeous little song. While he does his best to ruin this one for me by throwing in reference to the Global Warming Hoax and also featuring the highly annoying Missy Higgins (who, I have to admit, sounds rather good on this song) I can't help but love it and it's message.

As always, Ben manages to put together songs which make me feel good and reflect my natural optimism about life. There's nothing better than seat bopping to one of Ben Lee's CDs in the car on a Saturday morning.

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