Thursday, October 08, 2009

I'm really on a roll today. First the KitchenAid, then the gym.

I've joined Fernwood gym. You know, the one for women only. I've finally become one of those women. Who knew.

I drive past this one just about every day as it is near Marianna's day care centre and only a couple of minute's drive from work.

Something about it looks inviting.

So today I got online and had a look at the classes they have and dropped in after work to have a chat and a look around.

It seems like exactly what I want and need; clean, quiet, peaceful; women who don't look like they break balls just for kicks; a total lack of young blokes posing in front of mirrors.

I don't want be unrealistic. I just want to lose 3-5 kgs and tone up. I want to feel fitter, firmer. The year since the hysterectomy has seen my body soften more than ever. I guess that's nature and I'm fine with that. But at 41 I don't want to fall apart altogether, I don't want to get old before my time.

They are offering a "free" personal training session once a week until Christmas - so I figure I can fit in about 8 or so between now and then (I'm officially joining from the 19th as Big Jay is away in Perth for the next week). I've never worked with a PT before and I'm really hoping it will be a positive experience.

Mostly I'm looking forward to the Pump classes and a spot of Yoga, I used to really love those way back when...

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