Monday, May 18, 2009

After driving everyone around me nuts (story of my life) discussing the pros and cons of sending Marianna to school next year I have ... drum roll please ... picked up her enrolment forms from the school.

Honestly, I've felt like a pendulum in a clock these last few months. Yes, I'm definitely sending her. No, I'm definitely not sending her. Well obviously we're currently in the "yes we're sending her" camp right now.

With a late May birthday she will be one of the youngest (if not the youngest in the class) which doesn't make me very happy. But every indicator tells us she'll be ready. The reverse side is leaving her at day care for another year and I know for a fact she'll be bored out of her brain and I think her behaviour will go downhill if she's left in a room with a whole lot of 3 year olds to bully. She needs to be challenged as she learns quickly and we think only school will offer her that opportunity.

Hopefully this will be the right decision. Time will tell.

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Carina said...

D is a January girl & one of around 6 born the year after everyone else in her grade. For her it's been ok. One negative though which I will mention just in case you haven't analysed it enough is the silly rules where in sports/swimming carnivals etc they go by year of birth so unless the rules will be bent which at school they won't she has to compete with the year below. Fortunately for Diana 2 of her closest friends are also amongst the youngest cause otherwise I know it would bother her a lot. I never thought about this before sending her to school(I gave thought though to the fact she won't be 18 until after she's left)
For ther record one of us does regret not holding her daughter back (March girl) but she has struggled more so academically rather than socially. So now you've made your decision - I'll just throw that out there. I got behind in your blog & after your email had to catch back up on it.