Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You know what the absolute worst part of menopause is? The hot flushes. I wouldn't actually describe them as hot flushes. It's more like my body has forgotten how to regulate its own temperature. It's sort of like having a bad fever. Hot, cold, hot, cold.

I have to layer my clothes every day because I can never know if I'm going to be boiling hot (i.e. sweating) or freezing cold (i.e. shivering) from one minute to the other. External factors have little to do with it. I can feel cold or hot inside or outside, no matter what the actual thermometer might say.

It may not be the worst problem in the world but it absoluely drives me batty. I'm hoping my natural menaopause pills will soon kick in because this has been pretty bad for the past month or so, since I've gone off the hormone patches.

Why don't men have these problems?


Kath Lockett said...

Perhaps you should move to Melbourne. "Four seasons in one day" and all that. :)

Dejoni said...

I had my first hot flash last week. Woke up in the middle of the night and thought I was gonna die. Drench in sweat so bad I woke my husband up. Hormones suck!!

Big Pissy said...

The night sweats were the absolute worst thing for me. Ick! :(

Hope things even out for you soon! :)

Julia said...

You'll be here soon! x

Miles McClagan said...

If they made a film called Hot Flashdance, that'd be quite the film now?

Deep Kick Girl said...

Hot Flashdance! LOL!

I have ordered some double strength "natural" menopause tablets. I'm hoping [hard] that they will help.

Keep you posted.