Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am trying to come to grips with this NRL sex scandal thing. It's only of any interest to me because of Matty Johns. Yes, I have always liked him (or at least the image he presents on The Footy Show, which is really how I "know" him). Sex scandals are a dime a dozen in the Rugby League world. I shouldn't be surprised, and I'm not in general. Again, it's the Matty Johns factor which befuddles me. I have misjudged his perceived character by a huge, mile-wide, long shot.

It's not the sex, or even the group sex, part which is offensive. After all I am a liberal in that regard. People should be able to have sex with any number of animals, vegetables and/or minerals they choose. Not up to me to judge or even consider in great detail. We are all entitled to our own personal depravities as long as all parties are consenting (in the real sense of that word).

It's the awfulness of the described situation. The inhumanity of it. How can a decent person want to subject another person to that sort of degredation? To me it shows a deep-rooted corruption of a person's character. It's not sexy or exciting. It's just ugly and filthy. In his case Matthew Johns can't even claim being young and stupid. He was THIRTY at the time. Surely well and truly past the stage where peer pressure and poor decision making can be claimed as a valid defence.

The whole thing makes me sick. I'd happily weild the sharp implements should a public castration be in order.

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