Saturday, May 09, 2009

Last night I went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with my friend M. Yep, it was another freebie from Kidspot Movie Mums Group. That's THREE MOVIES I've seen this week. Crazy! I probably haven't seen three movies at the cinema in the whole of the past year.

Here's the review I posted. [I'm starting to think the nice people over at Kidspot must think I'm a cranky old cow... and how right they'd be!]

When the film finished my friend asked "what did you think?". I said "it was better than dropping a brick on my toe, but not by much". That just about sums up my feelings about Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

It is your very typical cliched romantic comedy. Not a single original line in the entire movie. I like a bit of wit in a script but this movie was devoid of any, just join-the-numbers dialogue, wooden acting and not an original thought from go to whoa.

I have to admit to hating Matthew McConaughey, he's too arrogant to be sexy, and Michael Douglas plain makes my skin crawl. Jennifer Garner is sweet and most of the rest of the supporting cast do a reasonable job with what they have to work with, which isn't much.

There are a few funny bits but not enough to redeem this piece of schlock. It certainly isn't the worst film ever made but there are plenty of better, smarter, funnier romantic comedies out there - PS I Love You and Dan in Real Life - are two from the past year which come to mind.

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Big Pissy said...

You know....I saw this movie with a friend who ADORES Matthew Mchoweveryouspellit.....and I kinda liked it.

I was surprised. ;-)