Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do you ever wish those damned scientists would just stop doing research and give us all a break?

Right now I'm listening to the midday news and they are saying that scientists have "discovered" that eating cured meats (ham, salami, etc) is linked to higher rates of bowel cancer in adults. They are urging all of us to restrict our cured meat intake to 70g a week (apparently that's two ham sandwiches) and to stop our children eating the stuff altogether.

Oh for fuck's sake. What are we allowed to eat? Everything is bad for us, absolutely everything. Everything is going to make us fat and/or give us cancer and/or diabetes and/or some other disease they haven't discovered yet.

Considering that eating is such a dangerous occupation and breathing the polluted air is bad for us, as is driving, flying, crossing the road and pretty much just living, how come we are all living longer than ever and each year our life expectancy is increasing, despite all the doom and gloom bullshit?

I do know the truth though. The only thing that is really bad for my [mental] health is listening to the news. It might not literally kill me but it does make me loose the will to live.


Kath Lockett said...

I agree - what ARE we allowed to eat?

And for anyone who tries to convince me that being vegan is the only way to go, I scoff in their faces: "Oh, so that's why you have to take vitamin supplements and you look so miserable, eh? You might live longer but it'll be no fun, buddy!"

shoegal said...

maybe we should all move to Romania. They have a policy whereby a certain percentage of news stories have to be "positive" , and actually have some stations that only present good news. It's like "Good News Week" in an otherwise depressing country. (oops, forgot my grandfather was born there!).