Sunday, August 16, 2009

In other weekend news:

* The Swans lost by 5 points to Geelong. It was frustrating and a little sad but reassuring, they didn't get flogged. (The bright side is they are definitely out of finals contention now so we have a free run through September, first time in years.)

* Today was a gorgeous, sunny, 28 degrees, perfect. We had a bbq breakfast on the waterfront with our friends G, T, A and R. It was wonderful. A beautiful taste of spring.

* Marianna and I are getting the hang of her Saturday morning 8 am swimming lesson followed by her 9 am ballet lesson. It's an early start but then we have the rest of the day free. She copes well, to her credit.

* I went for a MediPedi yesterday afternoon. It promises "baby feet" and it came pretty close. I have booked in for 6 treatments. It's pretty amazing how wonderfully soft they got my rough old footsies without using any sort of blade, just some special chemical. Hopefully the result will be long lasting.

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