Friday, October 15, 2010

Movie Review: My Year Without Sex

No, this is not a documentary about my life... [Is it mandatory that every married woman around my age pretends she doesn't have sex? At least it's a common theme hinted at amongst the people I know... A little sad I think...]

This is the new-ish film from Sarah Watts who made the wonderful Look Both Ways about five years ago. I was immediately attracted to this because it stars Sacha Horler who I enjoyed so much in the film version of Praise.

This film is so Australian it was almost painful to watch; so close to the bone. Like The Castle in it's honest look at Australian family life but not funny, well a little funny.

It's a look at a very typical Australian family dealing with life and what happens when mum gets sick. It's small, sweet, sad, tender, beautifully written. The entire cast is great but the two child actors are particularly good.

Thumbs up.

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