Friday, October 15, 2010

Movie Review: Summer Coda

I won these preview tickets knowing nothing at all about this film.

Having seen it I still know next to nothing about this film.

I feel very sorry for whoever wrote and directed it, everyone involved really, because it is obviously a labour of love. It's just, sadly, a labour of love that is not very entertaining. It is slow as a wet week and boring.

Even the attraction of Alex Dimitriades and Angus Sampson were not enough to save this stinker. For the first half nothing happens at all, just lots of shots of Rachel Taylor looking dull and sad. A little more (emphasis on little) happens in the second half but to be honest we walked out towards the end because we were loosing the will to live so I don't actually know if there was even a conclusion or if everyone in the cast just fell asleep from boredom.

Not an Australian film that will be replacing Muriel's Wedding in my affections, I'm afraid.

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