Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rocktober Day Ten: Born With A Tail

While we're on "something different" I remembered how much I used to love this song around '95 when I first heard it on Triple J (when I was young and hip, not old and befuddled).

Being an athiest I did enjoy the anti-religious aspects of this song. It's just a bit of an "up yours" anthem really and I just loved singing along at the top of my lungs on that long, daily drive up and down the F3.

It's not everybody's cup of tea but I enjoyed re-visiting it just now, it's still a rip-roaring fun song... and you gotta love a band whose singer is called Eddie Spaghetti.

Born With A Tail (click here for the clip, you know the drill by now)

I’d rather choose my soul to lose
Than leave around just one confused
And lose desire
Don’t know if I’ll ever learn
Can’t wait ‘til I get my turn
To burn in the infernal hell fire
I’m waiting for my last drive
While the bugle of my backside
Blows a losing beat
Hope I don’t run out of gas
Bet my sacrelicious ass
Ain’t nothing down there that scares me

Oh yeah!
And you know!
I’m in league with Satan
And you know
There can’t be no debatin’
My hell-bound trail
I was born with a tail!

I’m evil!
Yeah, and I run free
There’s molten lead in me
So let’s get the hell
Got the goods
Brother bring it on
My mother done brought me up wrong
And you can use my dick
As a walkin’ stick as well


It’s time to fly the finger
Yeah, that middle digit brings your point
And it drives it home
On my head there’s no crown of thorns
This evil scalp has earned its horns
I’m on a highflying time with your mom before I go .

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