Saturday, October 02, 2010

Rocktober Day One: Soul to Squeeze

Was there ever any question that I would start with a Red Hot Chili Peppers' song? Surely not.

I can't say this is my favourite of their songs but it's a song that I love so much I have included it on my Funeral Playlist.

As with most Chili Pepper songs the lyrics are open to interpretation but to me this song is about finding your personal peace of mind, your good place; coming to terms with yourself. That's a lifelong project for me and I guess for most people. Just when you find what you think is that place things happen in your life that make you question yourself, in tiny and huge ways.

This is where this song takes me and it ends on a positive, or at least hopeful, note - which is how I tend to view life.

Soul to Squeeze (click here to go to video clip on YouTube)

I've got a bad disease
But from my brain is where I bleed
Insanity it seems
Has got me by my soul to squeeze

Well all the love from thee
With all the dying trees I scream
The angels in my dreams (yeah)
Have turned to demons of greed that's mean


Where I go I just don't know
I got to got to gotta take it slow
When I find my piece of mind
I'm gonna give you some of my good time

Today love smiled on me.
It took away my face say please
All that you had to free
You gotta let it be oh yeah


Oh, so polite indeed
Well I got everything I need
Oh make my days a breeze
And take away my self destruction

It's bitter baby
And it's very sweet
I'm on a rollercoaster
but I'm on my feet
Take me to the river
Let me on your shore
I'll be coming back baby
I'll be coming back for more

Doo doo doo doo dingle zing a dong bone
Ba-di ba-da ba-zumba crunga cong gone bad

I could not forget
But I will not endeavor
Simple pleasures aren't as special
But I wont regret it never


Where I go I just don't know
I might end up somewhere in Mexico
When I find my piece of mind
I'm gonna keep you for the end of time

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